How Skype handles Feb 29

Not good, I tell you.

Have a vendor from Thailand, we usually just communicate using Skype, but they’ll come here for special events, for example, migration. There was this system migration week here in Jakarta, where sleep is super lacking, weight is gaining from all those junk foods, and stress level massively increasing. In one of the day, morning, suddenly they brought this cool looking birthday cake out of nowhere and all of them gave me a happy birthday.

If you’ve been using Skype for awhile, you’ll know that Skype gives birthday notification to all of your friends. BUT, if yours is Feb 29, it will give it at Feb 1. And you have to clarify this to a lot of your friends AND some people coming from Thailand who don’t have enough sleep the night before but still spend some time to a cake shop to buy you a cake. Thanks a lot Skype.