One major difference in learning

Very interesting point made by Dr. Norman Fortenberry in this interview, that the way we learn bay studying alone and being part of a group, can result differently especially starting college.

Looking back at my own past experiences, that does make sense. On high school there were friends to discuss on difficult topics, challenge each other, and go beyond the standard syllabus. That gives a very critical boost to recall, chunking, and subsequently understanding the big picture.

College on the hand… well let say it’s quite different.

So always get someone to learn or work together, to give feedback or challenge each other, and get a better result than being alone.


Father Forgets

by W. Livingston Larned


“Listen, son: I am saying this as you lie asleep, one little paw crumpled under your cheek and the blond curls wet on your damp forehead.

I have stolen into your room alone. Just a few minutes ago, as I sat reading my paper in the library, a stifling wave of remorse swept over me. Guiltily I came to your bedside.

There are the things I was thinking, son: I had been cross to you. I scolded you as you were dressing for school because you gave your face merely a dab with a towel. I took you to task for not cleaning your shoes. I called out angrily when you threw some of your things on the floor.

At breakfast I found fault, too. You spilled things. You gulped down your food. You put your elbows on the table. You spread butter too thick on your bread. And as you started off to play and I made for my train, you turned and waved a hand and called, “Goodbye Daddy!” and I frowned, and said in reply, “Hold your shoulders back!”

Then it began all over again in the late afternoon. As I came up the road I spied you, down on your knees playing marbles. There were holes in your stockings. I humiliated you before your boyfriends by marching you ahead of me to the house. Stockings were expensive – and if you had to buy them you would be more careful! Imagine that, son, from a father!

Do you remember, later, when I was reading in the library, how you came in timidly, with a sort of hurt look in your eyes? When I glanced up over my paper impatient at the interruption, you hesitated at the door. “What is it you want?” I snapped.

You said nothing, but ran across in one tempestuous plunge, and threw your arms around my neck and kissed me, and your small arms tightened with an affection that God had set blooming in your heart and which even neglect could not wither. And then you were gone, pattering up the stairs.

Well, son, it was shortly afterwards that my paper slipped from my hands and a terrible sickening fear came over me. What has habit been doing to me? The habit of finding fault, of reprimanding – this was my reward to you for being a boy. It was not that I did not love you; it was that I expected too much of youth. I was measuring you by the yardstick of my own years.

And there was so much that was good and fine and true in your character. The little heart of you was as big as the dawn itself over the wide hills.

This was shown by your spontaneous impulse to rush in and kiss me good night. Nothing else matters tonight, son. I have come to your bedside in the darkness, and I have knelt there, ashamed!

It is a feeble atonement; I know you would not understand these things if I told them to you during your waking hours.

But tomorrow I will be a real daddy! I will chum with you, and suffer when you suffer, and laugh when you laugh. I will bite my tongue when impatient words come. I will keep saying as if it were a ritual: “He is nothing but a boy – a little boy!”

I am afraid I have visualized you as a man. Yet as I see you now, son, crumpled and weary in your cot. I see that you are still a baby. Yesterday you were in your mother’s arms, your head on her shoulder. I have asked too much, too much.”

Losing weight

Well that didn’t work, looking a year ago when (planning) to start the 7 minutes workout or any other methods like running, swimming, etc. The problem is time (doesn’t it always?), just can’t have more of it.

I remember the last time I joined PusMed Satria Nusantara, the training was twice a week starting 5:30 am each day. It was hard, mainly because at that time I usually sleep at 12 am or 1 am due to my son is apparently a night owl by gene. Things weren’t easy in the office after that, always getting sleepy and tired the whole day after the intense two hours non stop training.

So I tried running. Should be more flexible right? Not to mention all those apps, fancy gadgets, cool shoes, and community that can be utilized. Bottom line, it was going to be perfect, and cool, and awesome. But again, not enough sleep. Running around the neighborhood demands you to start very early, otherwise you’ll have to run beside cars, bikes, buses, with a small probability of getting hit and high probability of getting lung cancer in tens of years later.

Swimming is another option. By now you might ask, this time what was wrong with swimming? Glad you’re asking. It’s difficult find a good swimming pool at my place, it’s either not open early enough (no way I’m swimming during the night, it’s dark!), not close enough, or just simply too expensive. I mean, what’s up with IDR 50k for one hour swim? In a month I rather save up for games instead.

Despite all that, last month my waist size reduced from previously 34 to 32, not bad for someone who’s not doing any sport right? Well I don’t do sport, but I have activities, a lot of them.

About two months ago, moved to a new house. And on the new house, there’s no house assistant (apparently it’s very hard to find a good one). We have to do everything ourselves from cooking, mopping the floor, cleaning the room, washing the clothes, drying them going up and down to the balcony, setting up furniture, cleaning them, water the grass, raking dead grass, going to the roof to back wash water filter while enjoying sunset, and lots and lots of stuff, everyday.

Other than doing house chores, I also have to deal with the commuting as well. When previously it took only 20 minutes from home to work using car, now it ‘s 45 minutes home to work using motor bike. And not a smooth ride that is, good riding skill needed to zigzag your way among cars, pot holes, and speed bumps. Arriving to the destination will include sore legs, sore back, and sweating like a pig. I heard sauna can make you slim, maybe that’s the main factor.

With all of those stuff combined, apparently it works better than sports. You don’t have to pay anything, don’t have to allocate a dedicated time, don’t have to sacrifice productive working hours, and everything gets done at the same time. So there you go, my reason for losing weight.

7 minutes workout

Just found out about 7 minutes workout from this guy. So we decided to setup a challenge to do it everyday with these rules:

  1. Each day, do the 7 minutes workout.
  2. Do it as much as you can, don’t push yourself too much (for now).
  3. Write on the sheet after you’re done.

We’ll do it as long as we can, whoever gives up must write a losing statement in his blog, while winner have all the bragging right in the world.

Setup an app already, reminder, and mind. Let see how it goes. If this works, maybe I can resurrect an old friend of mine, Zombie Run 5k.

The guy at the elevator

Friday night, a friend and I were just heading out home from a tired day at work. It was 7 PM, and the office is a bit quieter than usual somehow. When approaching the elevator, we saw a guy just entered the elevator and the door was closing. Oh great, now we have to wait for it to come down and up again since there’s only one elevator working at night.

But weird enough, the elevator didn’t come down, it just stand (or hang?) still. Alright, maybe he forgot to press the button, happens all the time. So I press the button, elevator door is opening, and… no one inside. And no, I’m not making this up.

How Skype handles Feb 29

Not good, I tell you.

Have a vendor from Thailand, we usually just communicate using Skype, but they’ll come here for special events, for example, migration. There was this system migration week here in Jakarta, where sleep is super lacking, weight is gaining from all those junk foods, and stress level massively increasing. In one of the day, morning, suddenly they brought this cool looking birthday cake out of nowhere and all of them gave me a happy birthday.

If you’ve been using Skype for awhile, you’ll know that Skype gives birthday notification to all of your friends. BUT, if yours is Feb 29, it will give it at Feb 1. And you have to clarify this to a lot of your friends AND some people coming from Thailand who don’t have enough sleep the night before but still spend some time to a cake shop to buy you a cake. Thanks a lot Skype.

Asking for a favor

This is a conversation I had recently with a colleague on other department.

Friend: Dude, I have a problem.

Me: Okay, what sort of problem?

Friend: Whenever I open a web page, some big popup appears out of nowhere.

Me: Well I don’t know, maybe you can check with the help desk guys see if there’s a virus or something?

Friend: Well, it’s not actually mine. It actually friend’s computer. His computer at home always get this large popup whenever he opens a web page.

Me: *sigh* Just go to help desk.

Listen people, if you have a friend in IT dept, it is not cool to ask that person just about anything non work related on office hour just because it has something to do with computer, plus it’s not yours which mean you don’t have the details, plus it’s miles away and we don’t have access to the problem.