Losing weight

Well that didn’t work, looking a year ago when (planning) to start the 7 minutes workout or any other methods like running, swimming, etc. The problem is time (doesn’t it always?), just can’t have more of it.

I remember the last time I joined PusMed Satria Nusantara, the training was twice a week starting 5:30 am each day. It was hard, mainly because at that time I usually sleep at 12 am or 1 am due to my son is apparently a night owl by gene. Things weren’t easy in the office after that, always getting sleepy and tired the whole day after the intense two hours non stop training.

So I tried running. Should be more flexible right? Not to mention all those apps, fancy gadgets, cool shoes, and community that can be utilized. Bottom line, it was going to be perfect, and cool, and awesome. But again, not enough sleep. Running around the neighborhood demands you to start very early, otherwise you’ll have to run beside cars, bikes, buses, with a small probability of getting hit and high probability of getting lung cancer in tens of years later.

Swimming is another option. By now you might ask, this time what was wrong with swimming? Glad you’re asking. It’s difficult find a good swimming pool at my place, it’s either not open early enough (no way I’m swimming during the night, it’s dark!), not close enough, or just simply too expensive. I mean, what’s up with IDR 50k for one hour swim? In a month I rather save up for games instead.

Despite all that, last month my waist size reduced from previously 34 to 32, not bad for someone who’s not doing any sport right? Well I don’t do sport, but I have activities, a lot of them.

About two months ago, moved to a new house. And on the new house, there’s no house assistant (apparently it’s very hard to find a good one). We have to do everything ourselves from cooking, mopping the floor, cleaning the room, washing the clothes, drying them going up and down to the balcony, setting up furniture, cleaning them, water the grass, raking dead grass, going to the roof to back wash water filter while enjoying sunset, and lots and lots of stuff, everyday.

Other than doing house chores, I also have to deal with the commuting as well. When previously it took only 20 minutes from home to work using car, now it ‘s 45 minutes home to work using motor bike. And not a smooth ride that is, good riding skill needed to zigzag your way among cars, pot holes, and speed bumps. Arriving to the destination will include sore legs, sore back, and sweating like a pig. I heard sauna can make you slim, maybe that’s the main factor.

With all of those stuff combined, apparently it works better than sports. You don’t have to pay anything, don’t have to allocate a dedicated time, don’t have to sacrifice productive working hours, and everything gets done at the same time. So there you go, my reason for losing weight.


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