Asking for a favor

This is a conversation I had recently with a colleague on other department.

Friend: Dude, I have a problem.

Me: Okay, what sort of problem?

Friend: Whenever I open a web page, some big popup appears out of nowhere.

Me: Well I don’t know, maybe you can check with the help desk guys see if there’s a virus or something?

Friend: Well, it’s not actually mine. It actually friend’s computer. His computer at home always get this large popup whenever he opens a web page.

Me: *sigh* Just go to help desk.

Listen people, if you have a friend in IT dept, it is not cool to ask that person just about anything non work related on office hour just because it has something to do with computer, plus it’s not yours which mean you don’t have the details, plus it’s miles away and we don’t have access to the problem.


6 thoughts on “Asking for a favor

      1. the guy for whatever computer problem they have because you are one or many of these: the smartest, the geekiest, the oldest, the wisest.

  1. nope mate … they just trying to socialize … remind you that that particular STEAM, KAT, YIFY is not the only worlds … they just trying to wake you up …

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