How not to write “news”

This morning I get a message from a friend that basically says how dare CT Corp claiming Traveloka to be part of their company. He was referring to DailySocial post, which referring to Wikipedia entry about CT Corp. Now I don’t usually make a big fuss of this kind of stuff, but so much wrong happened in this case that I want to point it out.

First of all, Wikipedia IS NOT an official site for a company, so not an official statement. It’s just a big wall that everyone can write, and for, seldom anyone keep watch of this wall (see also protection policy). For a news site to refer to this, is just waaaay to dumb for me. It’s just like trusting a chain mail where your dog could die if you don’t do five back flips on this very moment (yo don’t want that to happen to gool ol Reggie do you? hmm?).

The article posted on April 11, so maybe the “journalist” got the info that very morning, or the day before maybe? Woohh… breaking news! Well on every Wiki page, there’s this link named “View History” (or “Versi terdahulu” on bahasa) which supposed to be noticeable if you make a little effort to move your eyeballs, that can tell when an info in a page added.

Modification to Traveloka entry
Good Lord, there’s TV MUI?!

March 11… isn’t that like a month ago? I don’t know, my math is kinda sucks. Maybe it’s still news in some alternate world (if it actually true).

Artikel ini akan kami perbarui begitu kami mendapatkan konfirmasi dari kedua belah pihak“. Dude, it’s Saturday, you want confirmation from the janitors there? If you want to get it right, wait until we get all the facts on Monday. Too long?

Okay, everyone uses Wikipedia right? So it’s gotta be legit? Another effort to move the eyeballs and moving the cursor a little bit to do a single click will reveal this person that made the change.

User profile
Pacar is part of keluarga? TIL

Now i’m not sure if this guy is a marketing or IT division from CT Corp, but yeah I’m pretty sure he isn’t.

This won’t infuriates me a lot if the story comes from some clueless co-workers who don’t have access to the Internet much, or your regular moms and dads. But the aforementioned friend is an IT Manager from a big company, and the article poster is a respectable guy in Indonesia IT world that claims to be “Tech, history and science freak”. So at the very least, I expect these people to be able to check if the story is right.

DailySocial has been my favourite local tech news site since forever. Now I can’t help to think about this “incident” and have doubt everytime reading an article, thanks a lot. Do you know good altenatives? Please let me know.

Blog post update: “UPDATE: Co-founder Ferry Unardi mengkonfirmasi bahwa berita ini tidak benar, dan kemungkinan ada yang memberikan data fiktif di Wikipedia.” Yeah, no sh*t Sherlock.


2 thoughts on “How not to write “news”

  1. few things.

    first, it’s bahasa indonesia, not bahasa.

    second one, I don’t get this sentence at all.
    “Now i’m not sure if this guy is a marketing or IT division from CT Corp, but yeah I’m pretty sure he isn’t.”
    not sure, but sure? you probably shouldn’t write on midnight, or anybody for that matter.

    last one, when do we start our own?


    1. ah yes, now you made me looking at Oxford dictionary on Monday morning 😀
      I was going to say that I’m willing to bet, but on the Internet, anything can happen 😛
      I don’t know, soon? 😀 I just hope this stuff won’t happen again, I really like DailySocial

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