Trying hard to love Wunderlist

In more than a year I’ve been installing and uninstalling Wunderlist 4 or 5 times, each time using for a fews days but just didn’t feel right. Wife uses it, friends also, and it has been the recommeded pick for many productivity sites and play store, so it is logical to use it also right?

The design is nice, I’ll give it that much. But the flow? not so much. I like fast, but Wunderlist requires me to do steps which I think are unnecessary. And if you have hundreds of tasks, that means wasting a lot of time. Note: Was about to complain about performance as well, but since the last upadate on March 2015, it has improved so much. I was using it on LG G2 and Lenovo T430 (Windows 7).

So, they are (not in any order):

Windows app.

  1. Different field for due date and reminder. That means two times the input.
  2. Cannot sort by time (reminder), only by due date. I cannot see my schedule for today in an order that makes sense.
  3. Cannot sort by anything in Today view.
  4. Both Windows app and Chrome app always defaulted to window size instead of set to maximize.
  5. No shorcut to input due date and choosing list in text input.
  6. When you input on Today list, there’s no quick button to add reminder.
  7. There’s no shorcut to open due date and reminder input.
  8. Button to change month in due date is way too small, very hard to click.
  9. You have to type the the time in reminder manually, there’s no button or anything.
  10. In reminder, you can’t move between hour and minute field using arrow.
  11. Weird order to input task and due date. Type a task, click due date quick button, back to task field, press enter.
  12. There’s no day selection in weekly repeating task. Like every week on Monday and Thursday.
  13. Small default view area for notes.
  14. On due date menu, sometimes need to press the little back button at the bottom to back to list view.
  15. Cannot modify a task (set done, snooze, reschedule, etc) from notification window.
  16. DEL button cannot delete a task 😦
  17. Confirmation dialog when deleting a task. I thought eveyone already impletent Undo? xD
  18. Behind proxy, have to input proxy credentials 4 times when opening the app.
  19. Weird paper like background and font for notes. Normal text input would’ve been better.
  20. No fast way to archivive completed tasks.

Android app.

  1. There’s no repeat setting on task input. You have to modify the task after.
  2. No quick input from status bar.
  3. Everytime I want to add a task, it gives option between task or list. Additional click I have to waste everytime.
  4. 1/3 of the top screen is me seeing my face on the main menu. What for?
  5. Sliding means deleting an item, not mark as complete.

So those are the stuff that I can remember for now. So yeah, I really really want to like it, but I just can’t 😀


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