Can’t change email address

Today I tried to change my email information into my new email account (it’s in My Account –> Edit Profile), but after several times, the email information just won’t changed. A few clicks away, I found this on WordPress FAQ :

This generally means that the e-mail address you are attempting to use is currently associated with another account. Because the e-mail address is the unique identifier of all users, each address can only be associated with one account. Thus, if you attempt to change it, it will not allow you to do so.

Is that so? so I went back to the login form, and fill out the ‘forget password’ form with my new email address. And guess what, apparently my email address has been used by this username: g2-31da29dd0514f738fe594e6a6c63ed21

No, really, it was g2-31da29dd0514f738fe594e6a6c63ed21

I don’t know, perhaps wordpress think this is a feature to able to use an email address without a verification, but I certainly think not. Really, it’s okay, I don’t mind to open my mail account and open the inbox and then click the verification link, no biggie.


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