Is it hoax? Check it first

The Internet is the largest publishing machine that has ever existed and eRumors can spread around the globe at lightning speed.

Nobody intends to spread a false rumor.

We all love to tell “wow” stories, however.
“Wow, that’s interesting!”
“Wow, that’s hilarious!”
“Wow, that’s horrifying!”
“Wow, that’s heartwarming!”
“Wow, that’s hilarious!”
“Wow, that’s just what I thought my least favorite politician would do!”

Each of us tells “wow” stories each day, but on the Internet, some of them turn out not to be true.

Yeah, that’s a nice way to put it from

I tought hoax and chainmail are things of the past, but no, almost everyday i got some of those stuff. A product that will do harm to your body, a new virus that will destroy your hardware or even a dooms day forecast. Heck, i wouldn’t even surprised to have a picture proof that bruce lee is alive (which is i hope to be true) 😛

Anyway folks, if you happen to receive these kind of stuff, spend a little time to check it out first whether they’re true or not. Won’t take more than five minutes, really. Here is a few place you want to go.



Truth or Fiction

Truth or Fiction

Hoax Slayer

And of course, Google will do the trick anytime 😀


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