Invalid security certificate

What the hell is this?!

Webmail invalid certificate

Apparently it’s the new invalid certificate warning from  Firefox 3, very much different than the previous version 2 which consist of Accept, Do Not Accept, Yes, and Cancel button on a pop-up window. It’s good, though for some average Joe this might seem a little bit confusing. Some might think there’s some connection problem or something and don’t know how to move on.

Here’s another one. What’s wrong with people and using the right certificate?

And.. for all of you who still using Firefox 2, why don’t you give it a little test drive for Firefox 3 RC 1. It’s waaaaaayyy better than Firefox 2 in the term of performance and bugs. Much lower memory usage, and you will never think a crash as a usual thing again like the previous version 😀 Mind you, still a lot of addons don’ t compatible yet, but then again this is a Release Candidate, so be patient 😉 If you still love your addons, just the portable one, no problemo.


9 thoughts on “Invalid security certificate

  1. si mei berkata, meibi karena nggak punya duit untuk beli sertifikat 😀

    the ‘right’ certificate must not be issued by the site itself, it should be issued by the ‘another competent party’ whose job is to perform audits before issuing ‘the certificate’:

    The warnings and other site identity icons are provided so they can ‘warn’ the users about inappropiate security problem.

    See also:

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